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Visiting a church for the first time can be an intimidating and sometimes confusing experience. We hope that the information below will help answer most of your questions If you have any concerns or questions, please call or email our church office. Phone: 352-394-3382 Email:

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Our Sunday worship consists of a mixture of worship experiences, including traditional, drama, and contemporary worms of woship All baptized Christians are welcome at our communion, regardless of church affiliation. 

Many opportunities are available for members to become involved in our church including Sunday School, choir or other music opportunities, worship assistants, facility maintenance, and community involvement. Explore the other areas of our website for more information about these opportunities.

A weekly email is published for members and friends which updates everyone on what is going on in the church. Click HERE if you are interested in being on our mailing list.

After you have visited our church we would appreciate your feedback about your visit. Click HERE to give us feedback about your visit. What Do Lutherans Believe?  Click HERE to find out
What Will Happen When I Arrive?

Enter the building through one of our two front doors. Someone will be there to greet you and hand you a church bulletin which explains our services. Please sign in at our Welcome Table with your name, address, and email. You may sit anywhere you please in the sanctuary. Tables are provided in the last row for you convenience if you need them.

What shall I wear to services?

Casual attire is permitted at all services.

What service should I attend?

While the church is under renovaation and during the summer months we will have only one worship at 9:30 am.  Check the home page of this website for details of temporary worship location. The forms of worship are varied with drama, traditional, and contemporary forms of worship.  All services include readings, sermon, and holy communion.  This worship lasts approximately one hour.

Our Wednesday service is being discontinued during church renovation.

What about my children?

Note:  A separate children's area is NOT available at our temporary location during church renovation.

Children are welcome at all our services. A nursery area is provided, but is unattended. However, sound from the service is available in the room and a window looks into the sanctuary. You may use this room with your children if you desire.

How long do the services last?

Our Sunday services are about an hour long .

Will I be able to follow and participate in worship?

We realize that Lutheran worship may not be familiar to some. Our bulletin contains all the information you need for worship, including songs and readings. The order of worship is also projected on a screen above our altar (at Sunday worship), so you don't have to struggle with books or get lost as to what we are doing. Worship is user friendly!

What happens after the service?

Fellowship with coffee and sweets are provided after service in the fellowship area where you can get to know others. Someone may contact you after your visit to follow up your experience.

Will I be welcome?

As a congregation, we have a history of being an open and inclusive congregation. All people are welcome to praise God and rejoice in the good news of Jesus Christ at our services. This welcoming toward all personalities, races, and sexual orientation is something our faith calls us to continue. You do not have to be a Lutheran or member of any church to be welcome.

Can I take communion?

All Baptized Christians are welcome at our Lord’s Table. Please come forward and extend an open hand, palm up, if you wish to receive the bread and wine. If you are not baptized or are waiting for your first communion, please come forward for a blessing. 

What is the church affiliation?

Our church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and a member of the Florida-Bahamas Synod.

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